Ideas Lab Briefs

PLEASE NOTE: The Ideas Lab Briefs have now been updated as Biofortification Progress Briefs and are accessible here.

The full set of Ideas Lab briefs can be downloaded from here as one document:

Crop Development and Alternative Approaches

1a. Zinc Rice by Parminder Virk

1b. Zinc Wheat by Parminder Virk and Velu Govindan

2a. Iron Common Bean by Steve Beebe and Meike Andersson

2b. Iron Pearl Millet by Kedar Rai

3a. Vitamin A Maize by Thanda Dhliwayo, Natalia Palacios, Raman Babu, Felix San Vicente, Kevin Pixley, Abebe Menkir, Bussie Maziya-Dixon, Oladeji Alamu, and Torbert Rocheford

3b. Vitamin A Cassava by Peter Kulakow and Elizabeth Parkes

4. Vitamin A Orange Sweet Potato by Maria Andrade

5a. Vitamin A Banana/Plantain by Beatrice Ekesa

5b. Iron and Zinc Lentils by Ashutosh Sarker

6a. Measuring Provitamin A Content in Crops by Hernan Ceballos and Elizabeth Parkes

6b. Measuring Trace Micronutrient Levels in Crops by James Stangoulis and Georgia Guild

7. Plant Breeding Basics by Torbert Rocheford, Megan Fenton, Brenda Owens, Christine Diepenbrock, Kathy Kandianis, and Tyler Tiede

8. Agronomic Biofortification by Ismail Cakmak

9. Transgenic Biofortified Crops by Joe Tohme and Peter Beyer

Nutrition, Consumer Acceptance, and Cost-effectiveness

10. Prevalence and Consequences of Mineral and Vitamin Deficiencies and Interventions to Reduce Them by Erick Boy

11. Efficacy and Other Nutrition Evidence for Vitamin A Crops by Fabiana F De Moura

12. Efficacy and Other Nutrition Evidence for Iron Crops by Jere Haas

13. Efficacy and Other Nutrition Evidence for Zinc Crops by Mourad Moursi

14. Biofortification Prioritization Index by Dorene Asare-Marfo, Ekin Birol, Mourad Moursi, Carolina Gonzalez, Salomon Perez, Jana Schwarz, and Manfred Zeller

15. National and International Standards and Regulatory Issues for Biofortification by Anne MacKenzie

16. Consumer Acceptance of Biofortified Foods by Ekin Birol, Adewale Oparinde, Abhijit Banerji, J.V. Meenakshi, Shyamal Chowdhury, Keith Tomlins, Hugo de Groote, Victor Manyong, and Salomon Perez

17. Cost-effectiveness of Biofortification by Dorene Asare-Marfo, Ekin Birol, Jack Fiedler, Barbara Ha, Keith Lividini, Mourad Moursi, J.V. Meenakshi, Alexander Stein, and Manfred Zeller          

18. Bridging Agriculture and Nutrition: Challenges in Communication by Gary Gleason

Crop Delivery Experiences

19. Delivery of Orange Sweet Potato  by Anna-Marie Ball and Jan Low  

20a. Iron Pearl Millet in India by Binu Cherian

20b. Zinc Wheat in Pakistan by Qadir Baloch

21. Zinc Rice in Bangladesh by Md. Khairul Bashar and Md. Alamgir Hossain

22a. Iron Beans in Rwanda by Lister Katsvairo

22b. Iron Beans in Democratic Republic of Congo  by Antoine Lubobo

23a. Vitamin A Cassava in Nigeria by Paul Ilona

23b. Vitamin A Cassava in Democratic Republic of Congo by Sylvain Bidiaka

24. Delivery of Vitamin A Maize in Zambia by Eliab Simpungwe

25. Delivery of a Biofortified Food Basket in Latin America & the Caribbean by Marilia Nutti

26. Biofortification in China by Xingen Lei

27. Seed Systems and Private Seed Company Involvement in Biofortification by Marx Mbunji and Nicholas Mwansa