The Second Global Conference on Biofortification aimed to deepen engagement with major actors in the global effort to improve nutrition and public health through nutrient-rich crops.

Two billion people worldwide suffer from micronutrient deficiency, also known as hidden hunger. Over the last 10 years, biofortification has gained increased recognition as a feasible strategy to reduce hidden hunger.

The global consultation on biofortification brought together high-level stakeholders from government, business and civil society. The objective was to foster greater inclusion of biofortification in programs, policies and marketing to ensure its sustainability. To facilitate this, the conference:

1. Provided evidence on the nutritional impact and cost-effectiveness of biofortification and how it complements existing approaches;
2. Highlighted progress and successes in delivering biofortified crops in cooperation with current partners and champions;
3. Identified constraints and challenges in scaling-up and mainstreaming biofortification, developing solutions, and obtaining high-level commitments.

The consultation included select keynote addresses, but largely took the form of interactive roundtable discussions to generate new ideas and commitments. We engaged select voices and champions from different sectors, continents, and levels—from farmers to prime ministers—and used social media and other networks to move beyond consultation to an ongoing global conversation.

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